Endura Braid

General Purpose ropes

Endura Braid is an allround safety and rescue rope. It has high tensile strength and low stretch.


Cover: polyester
Braid: 24 

Made in

Color Images

  • Black

    All Diameters

  • Green Fleck

    All Diameters

  • Blue Fleck

    All Diameters

  • Red Fleck

    All Diameters

  • Solid Green

    All Diameters

  • Solid Blue

    All Diameters

  • Solid Red

    All Diameters

  • White

    All Diameters

Endura Braid is an allround rope that is also ideal for use as a winch rope. This safety and rescue rope features a double braid with an UHMWPE core and polyester cover.

Endura Braid boasts extremely high strength and low stretch. Its – considering the diameter – comparatively high strength makes it possible to use smaller diameter versions of this rope. This can be an advantage when the winch drum takeup length is a limiting factor.

In the case of Endura Braid, eyes can be spliced on one or both ends. They are available with the following thimble options:

  • galvanized
  • heavy duty galvanized (for high loads)
  • bronze
  • stainless steel
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