• Prozesstechniker

Process Engineer

(Production Engineer

Apprenticeship: 4 years


Main training areas:

Our steel wire rope division produces high-quality ropes for oil platforms, port cranes and ropeway systems. As a production engineer, you will be planning the tools and equipment to be used on manufacturing machinery and production installations. You will operate production facilities and keep track of the entire workflow. Additionally, you will check product quality and ensure regular maintenance and repair of tools, machinery and facilities.


Your main tasks will include:

  • Mechanical working of metals as well as operating metalworking machinery and facilities
  • Installation/maintenance as well as retooling of machinery and facility components
  • Operating and controlling production facilities
  • Acquiring knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics
  • Quality assurance and documentation
  • Production planning, operation scheduling and logistics


A process engineer (production engineer) apprenticeship involves highly varied training that will help you learn additional skills in different production-related areas. Apart from mastering the practice-oriented part of your training (mechanical engineering, electrics), you will also get acquainted with other departments (operation planning, quality management, etc.), thus acquiring a comprehensive idea of our company's processes and procedures.


Vocational School:

10 weeks per training year in Attnang-Puchheim.

Our apprentices can also use the local boarding home run by the vocational school; all related costs will be borne by TEUFELBERGER. 


Your Contact:

Barbara Riess

Phone +43 7242-413 412


Please note - important information concerning these apprenticeship positions!

No new apprenticeships will be offered in this field during the 2017/2018 season.

Process technician (with a focus on extrusion) 


Wanted! Plastics engineering apprentice for 2017/2018 in Wels.


Duration of apprenticeship: 3.5 years


Focus of training:

We manufacture high quality strapping for a variety of applications and do our utmost to accommodate our customers' every need and expectation. For our endeavors, good and standardized processes are crucial. As a process technician, your scope of tasks will be at the heart of these processes and workflows.


You will plan the use of tools and machines in our production plants, and operate and monitor them. Furthermore, you will monitor product quality and work together closely with all interfaces associated with our production hall, from Maintenance, Manufacturing itself, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, all the way to Logistics.


Your principal tasks will include the following:

  • to process plastic materials and operate the extrusion facilities
  • to assemble, maintain, and refit/retool machinery and plant components
  • to operate and control manufacturing plants
  • to acquire knowledge/skills in electrical engineering and electronics
  • quality assurance and documentation
  • production planning, work scheduling, and logistics
  • to liaise between manufacturing and R&D, and to participate actively in tests and experiments


We offer you comprehensive and process-focused training in a variety of areas of manufacturing. Starting out from Manufacturing, and in addition to the practical part of your training, you will also get acquainted with other departments (Work Scheduling, Quality Management, R&D, etc.) and gain an overarching understanding of our company's workflows.


Vocational school:

3 courses of 10 weeks each, and one 5-week course in Steyr or Attnang-Puchheim.


Your contact:

Barbara Riess

T +43 7242-413 412


Apply online:

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