• Metalltechniker

Metalworking Engineer

(Principal Module: Mechanical Engineering)

Apprenticeship: 3.5 years


Main training areas:

As a metalworking engineer, your job will be manufacturing mechanical components. Having completed your training, you will be well prepared for a variety of engineering tasks, from basic mechanical skills such as drilling, milling, cutting, lathing and grinding parts to fault diagnostics and troubleshooting machinery, facilities and equipment.


Your main tasks will include

  • Mastering the basic skills of metalworking and metal processing

  • Repairing and maintaining machinery
  • Reading simple drafts
  • Manufacturing training pieces by cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking, lathing, milling, etc.
  •  Acquiring technical knowledge concerning pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Supporting production operations in case of maintenance work, failures and new items to be manufactured


During your metalworking engineer apprenticeship, you will be trained both at TEUFELBERGER and one of our partner companies where you will study CNC milling technology as well as heat treating.


Vocational School:

3 courses of 10 weeks each plus a 5-week course in Linz or St. Pölten.


Your Contact:

Barbara Riess

Phone +43 7242-413 412


Please note - important information concerning these apprenticeship positions!

No new apprenticeships will be offered in this field during the 2017/2018 season.


Metalworking Engineer (Principal Module: Mechanical Engineering); Sarah successfully completed her apprenticeship training in 2015

"In my field, I can operate independently and assume responsibility for my work. Any time I need assistance, my co-workers will provide the required help and advice - and we have great fun, too! I can't wait to get to work each day."












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