Blue Fleck

Rigging line

The 3-strand rope BlueFleck is a rope from TEUFELBERGER laid according to an old tradition. It is excellently suited for rigging applications.


Standard: no standard
Core: polyester
Plait number: 3

Made in

Color Images

  • White
    14,3 mm

The BlueFleck from Teufelberger is a rigging line laid according to an old tradition.

It is perfect for all those who prefer a slightly larger rope with more than 12.7 mm in diameter. This rigging line is ideally suited for use with Maasdam® winches.

Our BlueFleck has the same construction as our Safety Blue, minus the blue core. The BlueFleck can be easily identified by a fine blue marker on the surface of one strand.

The rigging line BlueFleck has the following features:

  • High twist levels in the strands increase abrasion resistance and lengthen service life
  • Resists backturning and hockling
  • Works well in rope pulleys and rope-based pulling devices (i.e. Maasdam®)
  • Is provided with a protective coating to improve abrasion resistance 
Min. breaking strength, spliced
Min. breaking strength, spliced
14.30 9/16 3 100 7 000 132 8.90
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