The driving force behind new developments
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The driving force behind new developments

TEUFELBERGER has been making ropes since 1790. It all began with the establishment of a hemp ropery in Bad Wimsbach, Upper Austria. All those years ago, and to this very day, the company has not only stood for high quality products, but also for continuous development. Eventually, Hemp ropes were succeeded by synthetic fiber ropes, steel wire ropes, and PP and PET strapping.

Research and development have always been key elements of TEUFELBERGER's DNA. Only recently, soLITE®, the first fiber rope featuring a steel wire rope construction, was officially presented to the public. (Read more about it here …)

In 2016, the idea was born to install a development plant at TEUFELBERGER's headquarters in Wels to be able to better respond to the requirements of rapidly changing markets. This was when, under the supervision of Rene Maeser, the Head of Process Engineering, the planning activities for the TEUFELBERGER Technical Center began.

The aim was to develop new fiber rope constructions and manufacturing techniques without interfering with ongoing production processes. Other objectives were to develop products directly with customers, to carry out product training, and to put newly developed products through rigorous testing right away.

Today, the Technical Center caters to the following tasks:

  • Testing of fiber ropes for customers / Production of samples
  • Treating socketing seams[b1]  with resin
  • Applying and testing of coatings
  • Splicing (optimization and new development)
  • Providing internal training
  • Producing color samples
  • Elaborating new developments together with customers
  • Test environment for Industry 4.0
  • Further development of soLITE®

Rene Maeser, the driving force behind new developments at TEUFELBERGER, takes a look behind the scenes of the TEUFELBERGER Technical Center:

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