34x7 Class

Balance rope

34x7 Class is a highly flexible, rotation resistant and durable balance rope from TEUFELBERGER.


  • Construction: 16-17mm: 34x7+FC
  • Variants: ordinary lay or Lang’s lay, right or left lay, galvanized and bright
  • Certifications: DIN 21254 and EN12385-6; other certificates gladly provided on request

The balance rope offered by TEUFELBERGER is a highly flexible, rotation resistant 34x7 Class rope that is highly resistant to extreme ambient conditions. This premium steel wire rope is durable and provides for a safe and trouble-free operation of your friction hoist.

The benefits of the 34x7 Class rope are:

  • Rotation resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Low rope elongation
  • Permitting a ratio of rope flexure to rope diameter of 45:1
  • Extremely high resistance to external environmental influences and the ingress of dirt due to PLASTFILL® insert resulting in a perfect lubrication of the inner rope
  • Galvanized or Zinc-Al coated wires substantially improving corrosion resistance

The 34x7 Class balance rope can be customized to the requirements of the respective application, thus ensuring that the rope design is optimally balanced in terms of weight, corrosion resistance, bending fatigue resistance, breaking load, etc.

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